People spend a day every year waiting for old computers to boot up

People in Britain spend a day every year waiting for old computers to boot up, research has revealed. Rather than upgrading to a new PC, users are putting up with slower machines that often freeze and overheat, the study from Microsoft found. As a result, many people have hit or shouted at their computer in frustration. The average home computer is 3.4 years old, according to the study. The owners of these PCs are being forced to wait 23.5 hours every [...]

Windows 10 update and Surface Studio PC unveiled – BBC News

New 3D creation and editing tools are being added to the next edition of the Windows 10 operating system, including a revamped version of Paint. The firm also revealed a range of new virtual reality headsets to encourage users to interact with their creations. One expert said the moves would help prepare consumers for more radical augmented reality features, which are still under development. Microsoft also unveiled its first all-in-one desktop, the Surface Studio. It features what is said to be the thinnest [...]

Microsoft and HP team up to transform tech in schools

Microsoft and HP have teamed up to transform how technology is used in schools. The companies have chosen 61 schools across the world – including three in the UK – that will receive hi-tech tools to ensure children learn the latest digital skills. Along with Digital Promise Global, a non-profit organisation working to encourage innovation in education, Microsoft and HP will use “Learning Studios” to “reinvent the classroom as a space for students to design, create and invent through innovative technology”. Using Skype, [...]

Three UK non-profits receive Microsoft computer science grant | Microsoft News Centre UK

Microsoft has given large grants to organisations in the UK in a bid to boost youngsters’ computer skills. The money, which forms part of Microsoft’s $75m commitment to increase access to computer science education across the world through Microsoft YouthSpark, will be handed to  The Royal Society, UK Youth and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT The Royal Society will use its share to commission research focusing on the teaching of computing in English schools. This will lead to a set [...]

Calling all UK schools for the BBC micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition | Microsoft News Centre UK

Ever wondered how fast a rocket car made of foam can go? Well, wonder no more, as that’s exactly what students across the UK will be finding out, using the BBC micro:bit mini-computer. The BLOODHOUND Project – an international education initiative focused around a 1,000mph World Land Speed Record – has partnered with Microsoft, The British Army, Buckingham Palace and a number of other organisations to run a national competition inviting every school in the UK to host their own [...]