Virus Removals

Sometimes a virus can infect your computer even if you have installed anti-virus software and kept it up to date. Even after you have downloaded new software from the internet that promises to identify and remove the problem – the problem persists. A computer virus is a malicious self-replicating program. The longer you use an infected computer, the greater the chance that you will lose data, corrupt your files and operating system and infect other computers on the same network your computer is on, if you use your computer for personal data e.g. internet banking, spyware can record the information such and login and password information to gain access.

Our IT engineers can help with removing viruses, adware, spyware, malware and pop-ups, anything malicious and self-replicating that needs to be removed. In cases viruses, worms and Trojans will alter the code in your registry and load itself every time you reboot your computer. Software downloads won´t always solve this problem.

More symptoms of a virus infected computer

If you have any of these problem then it is even more likely you have an infection problem:

  • Your files and programs have been erased
  • Your personal information and files have been stolen (identity theft)
  • Spam is being sent out from your computer
  • Files appearing on your computer that you haven’t created