Device Repairs

At PCSCuk we pride ourselves on being a certified repair service. This means that phone manufacturers have recognized the high quality and standard of our repairs.

  • Start-up and shut-down problemsphonerepair
  • Slow performance
  • Motherboard replacements
  • Memory upgrade

Repairs and replacements will be free if your phone is still under warranty and our repairs will not void your warranty, unlike those done on the high street. Prices for repairs out of warranty will vary depending on your mobile phone make and model, as well as the type of repair you require.

What kind of mobile phone repairs do we carry out?

We can fix all kinds of mobile phone faults and problems, including:

  • Warranty defect, e.g. when your phone is not working but it’s still under warranty
  • Screen replacement, e.g. if your screen or digitizer has smashed / stopped responding
  • Water damage, e.g. if you’ve dropped or splashed your phone in liquid
  • Broken casings, e.g. if you’ve dropped your phone
  • Non-working handsets, e.g. battery or charging issues
  • Software fixes, e.g. upgrades and factory resets
  • Data Recovery
  • Hardware repairs, e.g. speaker / microphone repairs and keypad problems

We’ll do everything we can to get your mobile phone back into your hands as quickly as possible.