Internal Wireless Solutions & Guest Networks.

Most homes and businesses have wireless already but is it secure enough and are you getting the best performance and coverage possible? Here at UK-Communications we only supply and install the very best in wireless technology either using Draytek, Ubiquiti, Netgear, TP-Link to name just a few.

With our equipment and expertise we able to offer the best wireless coverage and management system for your network. This includes guest networks, the highest security, and coverage up to 300m, high speed, data collection and bandwidth management.

Our solutions are excellent for all types of businesses but even better for cafes, restaurants, hotels and pubs as we can create logins for your guest network that will also collect details to help with promotion and marketing.

Offering guest networks is a great way to attract people to your hotel or restaurant as most business persons need to be connected wherever they are.

External Wireless Solutions & Wireless Bridges.

A wireless bridge is a simple but effective way to link two buildings or more so they run on the same network and use the same internet connection without having to run expensive cable or fibre to each building.

The connections can run up to 20 miles with a clear line of site so your offices don’t even need to be on the same office complex.

We can also offer segregated networks which will deem your offices as individual sites but still sharing the same internet connection therefore reducing monthly costs.

Open Air wireless is a great way of providing wireless in the outdoors so whether you’re a hotel with an outdoor seating area, business that has a yard or even a school/college that want to offer wireless outside this is the perfect solution for you.

This is an ideal solution for caravan parks and beach resorts to allow their clients to have full wireless coverage wherever they are.