SPAM Protection

The best anti-spam for your mail server.

Targets All Spam Sources

There really are only 4 types of spam:

Trojans & Bots

Email Marketing Companies

Compromised/Hacked Servers or Accounts

Free Email Providers

Together this accounts for over 99% of all unwanted email.

Are you still trying to “filter” all that spam? The makers of MagicSpam have been working with email servers for almost 15 years, and long ago learned that this is the wrong way to go about it, and now that spam is over 98% of all the email traffic, most of it is from Trojans and Bots on infected computers around the world, why not simply block them? But the only way to do that properly, is to actually be “part” of the email server, so you can identify spam at the edge, during the SMTP handshake phase. We call this “Mail Server Profiling” ™ With MagicSpam, we have done that. Tying into the SMTP daemon (PRE-DATA), and blocking these obvious bad sources of email, immediately creates a huge savings in overhead; you also reduce “backscatter” problems which are caused if you try to check spam after the message has been accepted. And even more important blocking instead of filters offers you more “Zero Day” prevention against new attackers and attacks, whether they be Spam of Dictionary Attacks, no matter what form they take, in images, videos, attachments, or even encrypted messages.

General Information

There are some things all emails servers should have in common, and these links can help ensure that your email server does not need to process unwanted email, as well as ensuring that your email gets delivered. Most email servers out of the box are not fully configured, or do not have all the configurations and tools set-up to correctly deliver and protect the server as well as it could be. By contacting us you can make sure your email server follows best practices, and stops the bulk of email attacks. We also have included specific instructions to help operators using the most commonly available products.