Cloud Care

24/7 Cloud Care Monitoring System

The Advantages of IT Expertise

PC Support Company delivers best practices monitoring and management of all your IT assets with the use of hundreds of Policy Modules. Policy Modules are sets of monitoring and alerting rules, developed in partnership with leading vendors like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Symantec and others. Policy Modules help ensure that everything in your IT environment is being effectively monitored and alerted on, and puts performance-related data at our fingertips. Detailed, accurate data also helps expedite diagnostics and resolution when IT issues do occur.

Because the managed services platform we use has an open architecture, any customer environment, no matter how diverse, can be easily integrated. Any changes, such as the addition or removal of systems, devices and software are detected automatically and accommodated smoothly.

Deployment of the Onsite Manager and Device Manager software is as simple as a few clicks, and has no impact on your systems or operations.

Solution Overview

Our remote monitoring and management platform consists of:


A single, lightweight piece of software installed once at each site. Onsite Manager performs secure, comprehensive scans of your environment to gather the up-to-date information that we need to manage your IT assets with unparalleled efficiency.

With Onsite Manager, we can monitor and manage anything with an IP address, including: desktops, laptops, servers, managed switches, routers, firewalls, gateways, VoIP switches and phones, printers, faxes or scanners, off-the-shelf and custom applications, environmental control devices and specialized equipment, internal and external websites, SaaS resources, virtual machines and much more.


Installed on equipment that can’t be directly monitored by Onsite Manager, such as roaming laptops, remote servers, home offices, or on an onsite Windows 7 PC if you don’t have a server.


A powerful, web-based, centralized dashboard that allows us to:

  • view the asset health and performance data sent by the Onsite Manager;
  • drill down to details as required;
  • perform rapid remote remediation;
  • configure advanced services;
  • produce a range of useful reports so you´ll know exactly what´s going on in your environment; and much more.

The Do-It-Yourself Scenario

  1. An IT problem occurs.
  2. You discover the problem.
  3. Team member sets aside core business tasks and begins investigating and researching the problem.
  4. Best case: Problem is diagnosed accurately and resolved promptly on first attempt.
    Worst care: Problem requires multiple attempts at diagnosis and resolution; team member who attempt to fix the problem accidentally aggravates it; parts or external services must be ordered.
  5. Problem is resolved.
  • If the best care unfold, one or more resources are taken off core business activities for partial or full duration of problem diagnosis and resolution, resulting in loss of productivity.
  • If anything less than the best case unfolds, significantly more time is required to resolve the issue, resulting in more lost productivity on core business activities.
  • In the worst case, additional, unplanned expenses are incurred, including the costs of downtime: reduced productivity and lost opportunities.

The Managed Workplace Scenario

  1. PC Support Company is alerted before or as the problem occurs because best practices 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and alerting is in place.
  2. PC Support Company instantly and accurately diagnoses problem in Service Centre.
  3. PC Support Company conducts rapid remote remediation from Service Centre and resolves the problem.

PC Support Company gives you comprehensive reports every month and quarter to show work performed, identify issues, and support optimized IT budgeting.

  • You get the right technology expert on the job from the start, with fast, reliable resolution.
  • Your team stays focused on core business activities.
  • Many issues are detected and resolved proactively before you even notice.
  • Downtime is significantly reduced or even eliminated, with no more costly surprises.